5 Reasons Why I So Much Love iPhones

5 Reasons Why I So Much Love iPhones_Yes, I Love iPhones!!!

You know, at first, when the iPhone was released, I was one of the few who never thought will enjoy using it or even buying it because I completely felt the interface and functions were complicated.

Not until an incident happened last year that left me stuck with an iPhone.

It was totally unplanned. I lost my Android phone and my roommate quickly gave me her iPhone 7 to use while I planned on getting a new one.

In the first week, I was always complaining. I couldn’t get it right. I couldn’t do anything properly with the iPhone…just all complaints, complaints, complaints.

And then the second week, I began to get a little hang of it, and the first thing I enjoyed was being able to go back to the page I was in before because there’s a small arrow at the top of the phone where you can click and go back.

It was a functionality that the Android lacked that I was starting to enjoy on the iPhone.

And then a month later, I was totally glued to the iPhone.

I quickly rush to go get one for myself and since then, I cannot be without an iPhone.

Let me not bore you with more long stories, here at the functionalities I enjoy on an iPhone.

5 Reasons Why I So Much Love iPhones

1. Upgraded Functionalities

Everything In an iPhone comes upgraded. You can do so many things with an iPhone that you cannot do with an Android device.

The iPhone is not even a phone anymore! It’s actually a device that can serve so many purposes in your home. If you have a smart home, then you will find the iPhone can work well with so many devices in your Smart Home.

2. The iPhone is Durable

The iPhone is very durable, it’s not the type of phone that you get today and the next day you are having issues with it. It’s not the type of phone that you will experience a system crash without justifiable reasons or mismanagement issues. If you’re sure you bought a genuine iPhone and not the fake versions, you’re sure to get a few-year guarantee before you start experiencing flops.

3. The iPhone Never Loses Its Value

The beautiful part of owning an iPhone is that you can almost sell it twice the same price you bought it a few years ago or you could get lucky and sell it higher, depending on the value of currency or the economic situation of your specific country.

4. iPhones Parts Are Readily Available

The parts of an iPhone are readily available unlike other types of phones that you may buy and never get to have their part when you need them. I remembered using a umidigi phone somewhere around last year that I was never able to get the screen when it mistakenly fell and broke in my room.

Not only are the parts of an iPhone readily available but you can get them at an affordable price without breaking the bank. (But that does not necessarily mean you should go around breaking your iPhone because you can easily get the parts… You know what I mean😀😀😀😀)

5. The iPhone has lovely cameras

Starting from the lowest type of iPhone to the highest iPhone, all types of iPhones can boast of a good camera. There are so many expensive phone brands that cannot even compete with the camera that an iPhone 7 comes with, no exaggeration meant here.

You could get an expensive phone with a said higher megapixel and then found out your cheap second-hand iPhone has even a better camera quality.

So what do you think about this post?

Is it relatable?

Are there features you find in your iPhone that you cannot find in any other phone?

Are you like me who is already obsessed with an iPhone and can’t use any other brand?

Let’s talk in the comments section below, what are you obsessed about with the iPhone?

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